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Formalities after arrival

After your arrival in Osnabrück you have a lot of formalities to do. You can find the most important next steps here.

If you need assistance by making an appointment or visiting the offices, please feel free to ask us for help.

Registration at Foreigners' or City's Registration Office

In Germany, one is obliged to register one’s place of residence with the authorities in the city where one lives. Furthermore, non-EU citizens need to apply for a residence title that permits them to work here and sometimes need to extend it during their stay. Here is information on how to do it.

Information on taking leave, sick leave and going on an official trip

For insurance, administrative and organisational purposes, it is important to do the paperwork when taking leave or going on an official trip. Below are the most important points to take into consideration.

  • Applying for leave
    Should you want to go on leave, please use the orange form called an “Urlaubsantrag”. It will be handed out to you by the secretary responsible for your research group. You will be using this form to apply for and record your leave for the whole duration of your contract. Each application for leave must be approved by your supervisor.
  • Sick leave
    Should you get ill, contact the secretary responsible for your research group – also when you are on holiday1. You can phone or send an e-mail. From the fourth day onwards, you need a doctor’s certificate that should be given or sent to the secretary. Also inform the secretary when you are back at work again.
  • Official trip
    Should you go on an official trip, e.g. because you are attending a conference or doing fieldwork, you need to complete a document called a “Dienstreisegenehmigung”. The document is available on the Intranet. Complete the document and let your supervisor sign it, before you leave on your official trip. Should you have any questions or need any help in completing the document, do not hesitate to contact me or to get the administrative member of staff supporting your research group to help you.