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Life in Osnabrück


The city of peace has a small but important cultural center. Apart from several museums and art galleries, Osnabrück is home to various theaters and libraries. Do you know why the City is called the city of peace? Have fun exploring!


  • Felix-Nussbaum-Haus
  • Kulturgeschichtliches Museum
  • Kunsthalle Osnabrück
  • Museum am Schölerberg
  • Planetarium
  • Domschatzkammer und Diözesanmuseum


  • Theater am Domhof
  • emma-theater


  • Maiwoche
  • Weihnachtsmarkt

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The health care system in Osnabrück is excellent: a high density of doctors, hospitals and pharmacies guarantees outstanding treatment.

Important phone numbers

  • Emergency Doctor and Fire Department: 112
  • Police: 110
  • Poison Control Center for Lower Saxony: 0551-19240

If you feel sick and want to visit a doctor, hospital or pharmacy please have a look here. You will find some doctors, who can speak English or other languages, their addresses and their phone numbers. Please give the doctor a call before you go there.

Notice: In Germany doctors‘ practices are closed on Wednesday afternoons.

Mobility & Transport

Do you want to know the easiest way to Osnabrück? Or do you want to explore the region around the city?
Just have a look at this list and check out, what opportunities might be the best for you!


The nightlife in Osnabrück has many opportunities. If you want to relax with a drink in a bar, have a little snack in a restaurant, go out for a party or go shopping in the city center - everything is possible. In this document, we give you possible places where you can enjoy the time in Osnabrück. Beside this there are much more places which you will find online.

Phone & Internet

If you rent an apartment in Osnabrück, you usually have to arrange your internet service by yourself. There is a large number of available providers and contracts. That is why we have included some information about internet in this document. Beside this you can also find information about the variety of mobile phone services and the WiFi service at the Osnabrück University.

Religious Communities

The various religious communities in Osnabrück are listed below. This is, however, not a complete listing. Just go online and have a look!


If you need a warm winter jacket or a summer dress, if you are searching for bio food or new furniture, in the city center and around Osnabrück you will find everything.
Notice: All shops are closed on Sundays!

Find more information about the following in this document.

  • Clothes
  • Groceries
  • Bio-Supermarkets
  • Furniture

Sports & Leisure Activities

International members of staff are mostly welcome to participate in any sports at the Osnabrück University. Choose from more than 100 types of sports on all levels. Beside this the city and the region around Osnabrück are offering lots of opportunities of leisure activities. Whether you seek recreation, nature adventures or family activities - the region has many things to offer!

  • Sports
  • Swimming pool
  • Climbing
  • Cinema
  • Minigolf
  • Lakes
  • Zoo Osnabrück
  • Piesberg

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