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Hans Mühlenhoff Prizes for Good Academic Teaching

Award 2023

The Hans Mühlenhoff Award 2023 for good academic teaching goes to Prof. Dr. Chadi Touma (Biology), Dr. rer. nat. Dominique Remy (Biology) und Dr. Imke von Maur (Cognitive Science). Congratulations! 


Overview Nominations (PDF, 25 kB)

Three Prizes for Academic Teaching – Why?

In awarding these prizes, the university and the Hans Mühlenhoff Foundation would like to underline how important good academic teaching is for students trying to complete their studies in a timely fashion and earn high-quality degrees. The award for professors is endowed with €3,000, the prize for scientists in their qualification phase (research assistants) with €1,000. This year, for the first time, an additional prize will be awarded for academic staff in permanent positions, post-doctoral researchers, specialist lecturers and contract teachers, which is also endowed with €1,000.

Osnabrück University students nominate a lecturer who they believe

  • integrates their research into courses
  • structures their courses well
  • uses up-to-date research in their courses
  • has an exceptional teaching profile
  • can explain complex content
  • identifies interdisciplinary contexts
  • makes a connection to professional life
  • makes practical use of modern media and teaching materials
  • provides good advice, feedback and supervision
  • offers creative methods of examination
  • is open to discussion and learning

The winner is selected by a jury consisting of students who are experienced tutors which is chaired by the Vice President for Academic Program Development and Teaching Prof. Dr. Jochen Oltmer.


Previous Award Winners

2022Prof. Dr. Rainer Mühlhoff (Human Sciences), Dr. Philipp Schäfer (IMIS), 15 nominees
2021No Award
2020Prof. Dr. Hedwig Gasteiger (Mathematics), Dr. Flora Sonsmann (Human Sciences), 20 nominees
2019Prof. Dr. Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke (Mathematics/Computer Science), Dr. Frank Wolff (Social and Cultural Sciences), 24 nominees
2018Prof. Dr. Mary-Rose McGuire (Law), 23 nominees
2017Assistant Professor Dr. Marco Beeken (Biology/Chemistry), 15 nominees
2016Andrew Jones (English & American Studies) und Prof. Dr. Hans Reuter (Chemistry), 25 nominees
2015Dr. Dominique Remy (Biology), 15 nominees
2014Prof. Dr. Bärbel Schmidt (Clothing and Textiles Studies), 18 nominees
2013Roswitha Papenhausen (Language and Literary Studies/Latin), 16 nominees
2012Prof. Dr. Eva Gläser (Elementary Social Studies and Science), 20 nominees
2011Prof. Dr. Susanne Haberstroh (Psychology), 22 nominees
2010Prof. Dr. Heike Jochum (Law), 19 nominees
2009Honorarprofessor Dr. Hans-Wolf Sievert (Economics), 23 nominees
2008Assistant Professor Dr. Till Eggers (Biology), 23 nominees
2007Eike-Christian Hornig (Political Science), 24 nominees
2006No Award
2005No Award
2004Prof. Dr. Oliver Vornberger (Computer Science), Dr. Joachim Erdmann (Business Law), Dr. Annette Clamor (European Studies – Cultural Studies), PD Dr. Martin Papenheim (Cultural History)
2003Prof. Dr. Ralf Kleinfeld (Social Sciences), Prof. Dr. Joachim Härtling (Geography), Ulrike Weyland (Vocational and Business Education)
2002Prof. Dr. Winfried Bruns (Mathematics), Dr. Ute Schmid (Systems Science)
2001Dr. Manfred Rolfes (Geography) und Sönke Iwersen (Economics)

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Here you can find an overview of all nominees for the Hans Mühlenhoff Awards 2023.

We congratulate all teachers on their nomination!