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Pre-sessional German language course

Studying and living in Osnabrück

Certificate und credits

All participants can obtain a certificate of attendance and 4 ECTS points subject to regular attendance. Please note that a final grade is not awarded for these courses.

The three-week pre-sessional German language course is organised by the Language Center at Osnabrück University and offers German language training at proficiency levels A1 to B2.

During the pre-sessional German language course, you will enjoy daily German language lessons as well as a wide range of activities as part of our leisure programme which will allow you to experience student life in Osnabrück before you commence your studies at UOS.

In total we offer three different German language courses. The two courses at proficiency levels A1 and A2 focus on the four core language competencies of reception, production, interaction, and mediation and topics of everyday life, in order to make your start at Osnabrück University as smooth as possible. At proficiency levels B1 and B2 we offer a special project-based combined course format that thematically centres around communication in an academic setting.

The pre-sessional German language course starts on 11 Sep 2023 and ends on 29 Sep 2023 and is followed by the Welcome Week for international students.

All international exchange students, PhD candidates, and postdocs that are enrolled at Osnabrück University for the Winter Semester 2023/2024 are welcome to sign up for the pre-sessional German language course as a preparation for their study or research stints.

Language lessons always take place Mondays to Fridays in the morning (a total of 50 class hours). In the afternoons we offer a leisure programme that will introduce the University as well as the different facets of the city of Osnabrück and its surroundings to you.

Course organisation and content

The pre-sessional German language course will be offered at proficiency levels A1 to B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The minimum number of participants is five people per level. When submitting your application, please indicate which language course (A1, A2 or B1/B2) you would like to participate in. Your application comprises the activities in the leisure programme. If you are unsure about your proficiency level, please contact

The courses cover language structures and topics that should help to find your bearings in and around the city and the University, such as asking for directions, socialising with your flat mates in student housing, going shopping, taking public transport, or ordering food. In addition, you will address topics of intercultural communication that will promote your settling-in process in Osnabrück.
In each of the two courses at beginner’s level (A1 and A2), the main focus is on those linguistic and communicative competencies (reception, production, interaction, and mediation) that are essential for everyday life in Osnabrück and at the University. In the combined course for levels B1 and B2, you will acquire skills to handle the most common communicative scenarios in an academic environment and you will learn and practise interdisciplinary communication strategies (such as arguing, summarising, presenting, etc.) while working on video and audio projects around the themes of ‘Osnabrück as the City of Peace’ and ‘University Life’ together with your class mates.

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For more details regarding application, course organisation and course content please contact the Language Center at

For more information regarding accommodation, matriculation or your subject course choice, please visit the  Welcome Week website or contact the International Office directly.

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