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PhD interConnect

"PhD interConnect" is the International Office's support and qualification program for international PhD students.

The program includes a series of events such as workshops, seminars, excursions, discussion evenings and other formats.

Under guidance of the International Office, a group of four international doctoral students plans, promotes and organizes this series of events on topics of relevance to both international and local doctoral students.

This gives Ph.D. students the opportunity for further academic and non-academic qualification. In addition, interdisciplinary networks are formed and doctoral students are given the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing internationalization of the UOS.

Winter Semester 2023/24 event(s)

PhD interConnect Winter Hangouts 2023
 Thursday, 7 December 2023,  from 17:30 (open end)
Place: Unikeller, (Neuer Graben 29, 49074 Osnabrück

Do you want to meet other PhD students outside your research bubble, learn about interesting topics and have some fun? The PhD interConnect team invites you all to our upcoming "Winter Hangouts". We prepared an exciting program of games, networking and socializing.

We will provide free snacks and drinks!

Spread the word and join us! No registration required.


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The team behind the winter term project 2023/24

Abeer Alhems

Abeer Alhems

My name is Abeer Alhems, I’m from Egypt and I have been an academic staff since 2016. Currently, I am a PhD Student in School of Cultural Studies and Social Sciences - Textile design department, Osnabrück University, my research project is mainly focusing on similarities and differences of textiles educational system in Egyptian and German universities. While the two countries run their different educational policies, the main purpose of the study is to identify textile strategies of education regarding university curriculum, school preparation and teacher training in both countries from a comparative perspective; in order to address current issues and reach a deeper understanding of the ways to overcome. I‘m looking forward to spending a nice and creative time with PhD interConnect sharing my experience and meeting new students and colleagues.

Portrait Muhammad Haroon Kohi

Muhammad Haroon Kohi

My name is Muhammad Haroon Kohi and I am a DAAD-sponsored PhD scholar at the English Language and Linguistics Department at Osnabruck University. I have a BA in English language from Kabul University and a masters in TESOL from a joint project of Indiana University and Kabul Education University. I have worked in the field of English language teaching for almost 15 years. Teaching English as a foreign language and language discourse analysis constitute my research interest. In my current study, I am working on the feasibility and pragmatic implementation drawbacks of the Outcome-Based Education in the field of language teaching at Afghan public universities.

As a member of the PhD InterConnect team, I am looking forward to meeting new students and research scholars and to exchange ideas on strategies of learning German language.

The team behind the summer term project 2023

Fadi Hasan

My name is Fadi Hasan and I am a PhD student in Sociology at the University of Osnabrück. My research explores the interplay between structure and agency in shaping the experiences of Syrian families living in Germany. I examine how factors such as gender roles, marital stability and family relationships are affected by migration and how families, especially couples, cope with these challenges in transnational contexts. In 2021, I completed my Master's degree in International Migration and Intercultural Relations with distinction and was awarded the DAAD Prize, which is given to international students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance during their studies in Germany.

As a member of the PhD interConnect team, I would like to contribute through activities aimed at enhancing PhD students' abilities to design and present their academic profiles.

Oluwatobi Adeosun

I am Oluwatobi Adeosun. I have a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biochemistry from Nigeria and am currently in my second year of a Ph.D. programme in Molecular Cell Biology at the University of Osnabrück. My undergraduate and postgraduate journey has been filled with a lot of extra-curricular activities that involved organising and planning social and religious events. In all of these successful events, I have had the opportunity to either coordinate, work with a team, or work as a team member. I can say that I have a knack for communicating and managing both individual and corporate projects. I am excited about the opportunity to be part of the PhD interConnect team because the core mission of promoting, developing and organising events on relevant topics that could foster networking between local and international students and beyond is an experience that every PhD student should have. I would like to contribute to the team by promoting events that encourage socialising, idea sharing, professional networking, learning and fostering a supportive environment for students.

Maryam Hosseini

I'm Maryam Hosseini. I was born and raised in Iran, Shiraz. I studied translation and linguistics in Tehran. I am a PhD candidate in English studies and linguistics, focusing on cognitive metaphor and emotion. As a member of PhD interconnect group, I will be glad to provide you with an informative workshop on „intercultural communication“, inviting a guest lecturer from the UK!

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