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Short-term study

As a rule, students complete a study program by earning a degree. If, however, you plan to spend only one or two semesters in Osnabrück without earning a degree, you can apply for short-term study (Kurzzeitstudium). In this case, you will study for only one or two semesters, and will not permitted to take your final exams in Osnabrück. However, as a participant in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) program, you can earn credits for your work which can be accepted at your home university.

Short-term students usually come from partner universities or are grant holders who only plan to study here for a short period of time.
If you come from a partner university or are on an exchange program, special conditions apply. Please refer to our special website for exchange students.

However, students from universities abroad that are not partner universities can also apply for short-term study. If you do not wish to earn a degree from Osnabrück University, but would prefer to study here for a maximum of two semesters, please apply for studies with the qualification "kein Abschluss möglich". 

Please make sure you first obtain information about theprograms we offer. Even short-term students must decide which subjects they would like to major in, since students must enroll in study programs.


You must also fulfill the admission requirements for short-term study. You will need the equivalent of a German Abitur (secondary school degree). For some study programs, you will also need some knowledge of English or other foreign languages.

The German language requirements for the short-term study program are a bit lower than for the regular programs: You must show proof that your German language skill is at B2 level.