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Call for Applications “Deutschlandstipendium” Scholarship


The online application process for the winter semester 2022/2023 takes place between May 1st 2022 and June 15th through the application portal. After registering, you will be taken automatically through the various steps in the application process.

As part of the "Deutschlandstipendium" national scholarship program, Osnabrück University is looking to award scholarships for the winter semester 2022/23 to particularly talented, successful and committed students. The funding for this program is provided in equal parts by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and private sponsors. The number of scholarships to be awarded is dependent on the amount of private funding raised.

In the winter semester 2021/22, 38 scholarships were awarded. Funding is available for students enrolled in undergraduate courses or in consecutive Master's courses at Osnabrück University who have not exceeded the standard period of study for their course.

Osnabrück University awards scholarships in accordance with the guidelines for awarding Deutschlandstipendium scholarships at Osnabrück University agreed by the President’s Cabinet. 

Talents and successes

Your talent and success will be measured based on:

  • the average grade on your higher education entrance qualification; special consideration will be given to your individual grades in your chosen subject
  • the specific qualification entitling you to take your chosen course of study at Osnabrück University
  • your academic grades so far, in particular your ECTS points or the result of an intermediate examination, or for Masters students also the final grade of your previous program of study

The overall assessment of your suitability will also include:

  1. your own individual achievements, awards and prizes, previous work experience and internships;
  2. any extracurricular activities at school or university such as voluntary, social or community work, involvement in politics or higher education politics, participation in religious communities, associations or clubs;
  3. special personal or family circumstances such as illness and disability, caring for your own children (in particular as a single parent) or close relatives in need of care, working in the family business, working to support your studies, family origin or migrant background.

The application via the online portal with the relevant supporting documents should be sent to:

Universität Osnabrück
Die Präsidentin
Neuer Graben/Schloss
49074 Osnabrück

Students in multi-subject programs must indicate on their application which of the two subjects the application refers to. Only complete applications received by the deadline will be processed!

The application deadline is June,15th, 2022


Funding for the chosen scholarship holders begins on October 1st 2022. Students will receive €300 per month, usually for an initial period of one year. Payment is conditional on the scholarship holder being enrolled at Osnabrück University. An extension is possible – subject to the availability of funds – within the student’s normal program length; in all such cases, students must reapply. There is no legal claim to the scholarship. Documents submitted will not be returned.

General Information about the Deutschlandstipendium

Osnabrück University’s participation in the "Deutschlandstipendium" program operated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research offers you more than just a way to finance your studies. Deutschlandstipendium holders also improve their skills and qualifications profile for subsequent applications and benefit from closer contacts with regional employers during their studies. We would therefore expressly encourage you to apply. 

As you can see from the invitation to apply, the selection decision is based primarily on how well you have performed academically. But other aspects are also taken into account. You should therefore check carefully whether one or more of the criteria which supplement the assessment of your potential apply to you.

Finally, a short explanation: In the application form you are asked to specify a subject. This is to increase the transparency and rationale of the selection decision, as your application will be evaluated in the first round by jury members from your subject area. In the best case, they will be people you know. Only then will a central selection committee make its decision.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Contact for students

Rea te Poel
Osnabrück University
Neuer Graben 29/Schloss
49074 Osnabrück
Tel.: +49 541 969 4208

For further information, please visit the website of the Deutschlandstipendium of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.