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Scholarships and grants


mystipendium.de und european-funding-guide.eu  contain numerous entries about scholarship opportunities, evolved from a student initiative. The search filters out results that match the student’s Curriculum Vitae from a wide range of scholarships. In addition, general information and advice is provided, as well as templates for applying for a scholarship.

Osnabrück University offers the following scholarships to students: Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship) and Landesstipendium Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony Scholarship). In addition, single parents who are in the final stages of their studies can obtain financial support from the Madame Courage Osnabrück support program.

There are a large number of additional foundations that provide financial assistance to students:

Scholarships for gifted and talented students

The churches and political parties mainly fund these programs for gifted and talented students. For this reason, social commitment is an important selection criterion besides academic achievements.

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Female promotion pool

Female students who are in the final stage of their PhD studies can apply for a completion grant from the female promotion pool.

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Upgrading Scholarships for students with occupational experience

Funding by the German government. The program is geared towards skilled personnel who have completed an apprenticeship and have at least two years’ occupational experience. Applications can be submitted before embarking upon a degree program. Applications must have been submitted by the end of the second semester.

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German academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Promotes study abroad. Advice on DAAD scholarships is provided by the International Office.

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State grants are awarded in accordance with the Federal Education and Trainings Assistance Act (BAföG).  As a rule, half of the BAföG amount granted is awarded as a non-repayable subsidy. The other half is granted as an interest-free government loan.

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