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Quality management

The quality of the mentoring-programs is continuously reviewed in order to ensure an ideal fit with the mentees' and mentors' needs and requirements. All events are evaluated individually; in addition, a stock-taking and a final workshop for mentees are part of every program. Both workshops leave room for an exchange of  experiences, reflection and feedback. Both the planning of current program runs and the conception of future programs at Osnabrück University draw from the results of these evaluations. Furthermore, the quality management includes a written survey filled in by mentees and mentors at the end of each program. Aims of the survey are: 

  • to determine the degree of contentment with the mentoring-program and its individual components
  • to evaluate the individual target achievement and the effects of the program by means of self-assessment
  • to obtain proposals on how in future the mentoring-programs might be adapted or supplemented
  • to collect recommendations for future participants

Please find results of past surveys below (in German):

Mentoring-program for female doctoral condidates - mentee survey

Survey Mentoring-Program 2014/2015

Survey Mentoring-Program 2016

Survey Mentoring-Program 2018/2019


Mentoring-program for female Postdocs and junior professors - mentee survey

Survey Mentoring-Program 2014/2015

Survey Mentoring-Program 2017/2018