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Twelve to fourteen young scholars from different Schools of Osnabrück University are recruited to the mentoring programs per cycle and specifically prepared for taking on executive positions. Participants are selected in the course of a two-stage application process consisting of a written application followed by an interview with the program committee consisting of the project team and the Scientific Advisory Council.
The program committee decides which applicants may participate in the program based on the young scholars’ qualifications and motivation. Moreover the desired homogeneity of the group is taken into account. Applicants who are rejected first time round are alternatively offered appropriate advisory services or may be accepted in the next program cycle.
Participants are charged a fee of € 200 to contribute towards the costs. This fee, which may be paid in installments, includes participation in all of the seminars.
At the moment it is not possible to apply for the mentoring programs for young female scholars. If you have any questions about upcoming cycles or alternative consulting offers, you are welcome to contact the project management.