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Promovenden mit Doktorhut, Foto: Universität Osnabrück / Michael Münch

PhD/Postdoc Career Center

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As an umbrella organization, the PhD/Postdoc Career Center at Osnabrück University brings together doctoral candidates and postdocs from all Schools of Osnabrück University linking the entire research-oriented training for doctoral candidates. The PhD/Postdoc Career Center provides training opportunities for all doctoral candidates and postdocs specially tailored to their needs as well as individual advancement to optimize their scientific work and to enable them to acquire labor market-related skills. ZePrOs-Flyer


Current Training Courses and Events

“Academic Writing, Module 2: Constructing English Paragraphs and Texts (including Dissertations)” starting on May 13, 2019

Writing professional academic texts such as papers, dissertations, reports, proposals, etc. is vital for any researcher pursuing a Ph.D. or a scientific career. This second module focuses on the structural organization of good writing in English mixing writing practice with analytical tasks, we will, first, discuss what the criteria for a well-structured text are and what is culturally specific about these criteria in English. Next, we are going to treat paragraphs as the essential building blocks of writing and ask how we can use them to develop a clear and useful outline and how data and ideas are best turned into a logically organized and, thus, readable text. Finally, we will examine how this can help the planning and production of a longer text such as a dissertation or other monograph

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“Introduction to the German Science System” on May 14, 2019

This evening will introduce postdocs, doctoral candidates and all interested university members to the science system in Germany. The focus will be on aspects which are of particular relevance to young and international scientists, such as research funding in Germany, university structure, career paths and career options as well as funding options for young scientists.

Please note: The event is bilingual. The lecture will be given in English, the accompanying presentation is available in German. During the discussion you can ask questions both in English and German.

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"How to write a research proposal?“ 28./29. May 2019

Having a brilliant and innovative idea is essential to apply for research grants. Additionally, researchers need to know how applications for research grants should be structured and written. This workshop presents the principles of proposal writing.

This workshop takes place in German. We are happy to offer such a workshop in English as well. Please contact: daniel.rueffer@uni-osnabrueck.de.

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