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The Scientific Advisory Council of the PhD/Postdoc Career Center comprises professors from the schools of Osnabrück University as well as representatives for doctoral candidates and postdocs. The Vice President for Research and Student Development, speakers of the Research Training Groups, graduate schools and programs at Osnabrück University, and cooperation partners of the PhD/Postdoc Career Center within the University are represented on the Council in an advisory capacity.

University lecturers on the Scientific Advisory Council

Professor Dr. Peter Schneck (Chairman)
School of Language and Literary Studies (FB 07)

Prof. Dr. phil. Andrea Lenschow
School of Cultural and Social Studies (FB 01)

Professor Dr. Georg Steins
School of Educational and Cultural Studies (FB 03)

Professor Dr. Jochen Gemmer
School of Physics (FB 04)

Professor Dr. Roland Brandt
School of Biology/Chemistry (FB 05)

Professor Dr. Markus Spitzweck
School of Mathematics/Computer Science (FB 06)

Professor Dr. Ursula Stockhorst
School of Human Sciences (FB 08)

Professor Dr. Joachim Wilde
School of Business Administration and Economics (FB 09)

Professor Dr. Oliver Dörr
School of Law (FB 10)

Professor Dr. Susannne Menzel
Vice President for Research and Advancement of Young Academics

Representatives for doctoral candidates

Johanna Fricke

Katharina Hembach

Nicolas Kuske

Linda Laflör

Representative for the postdocs

Dr. Matthew Adamson

Dr. Birgit Hegewald

PhD/Postdoc Career Center regulations (in German)