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Promovenden mit Doktorhut, Foto: Universität Osnabrück / Michael Münch

PhD/Postdoc Career Center

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As an umbrella organization, the PhD/Postdoc Career Center at Osnabrück University brings together doctoral candidates and postdocs from all schools of Osnabrück University, linking the entire research-oriented training for doctoral candidates. The PhD/Postdoc Career Center provides training opportunities for all doctoral candidates and postdocs, specially tailored to their needs, as well as individual advancement to optimize their scientific work and to enable them to acquire labor market-related skills. ZePrOs-Flyer


Good science! 3. Osnabrück symposium for good scientific practice

For the second time already Osnabrück University held a symposium for good scientific practice which was led by the PhD/Postdoc Career Center. The whole teaching staff, all doctoral candidates and students were cordially invited. The event on September 19, 2018 offered various possibilities for information and exchange in regard to the implementation of good scientific practice in research and development of young scholars. Following an introductory lecture about “Good scientific research in everyday research”, the at least 80 participants had the opportunity to discuss and expand on their subject-related questions in three parallel workshops. During the concluding panel discussion the sustainable protection of “good supervision” and possibilities to support young scholars in conflicts were discussed.

Passing on the baton and ceremonial kick-off event of the mentoring program for young female doctoral candidates 2018

This year’s ceremonial kick-off event of the mentoring program for female doctoral candidates took place in the Bohnenkamp-Haus of the Botanic garden of Osnabrück University. Accompanied by an extensive framework program, 12 tandems of the mentoring program for female postdocs and junior professors were sent off. At the same time, Prof.in Dr. Martina Blasberg-Kuhnke, Vice President for Academic Program Development and Teaching, welcomed 12 new candidates of the mentoring program for doctoral candidates along with their mentors. The title of this year’s program is called: “Career paths within and outside academia”.

Development of young scholars: Results of the university-wide needs analysis survey

At Osnabrück University young scholars contribute to a considerable degree to the scientific knowledge, innovations in research, high quality in teaching and academic autonomy. Therefore the University initiated a university-wide needs analysis survey to support young scholars. The great response, the high satisfaction and the constructive proposals encourage the current commitment of the university in this area.

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Current Training Courses and Events

„The language of leaders“ on November 16, 2018

A leadership position makes high demands on a person’s communication skills: One has to communicate goals, expectations and procedures in clear and comprehensible terms and use language effectively in order to inspire, motivate, express understanding and empathy, draw attention, warn and discipline. Leaders and people with leadership ambitions must therefore be highly aware of their own language use and be able to adapt their communication in accordance with the requirements of the situations they face. This workshops offers you the opportunity to practice your English for a set of communicative tasks that leaders often have to carry out.

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After the doctorate: career paths and qualification options for postdocs” on December 11, 2018

The post-doctoral period is a further academic qualification phase. The whole postdoc phase is characterized by an increase in responsibilities and duties. The event focuses on the different qualification option for the postdoc phase and on aspects relevant to further career development.

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Networking activities

promos- Doctoral Students' Council

Doctoral students make up one of the largest groups of stakeholders at a university, but they often do not have a unified voice and rarely have the opportunity to connect to fellow students outside of their disciplinary boundaries. This is why the Doctoral Students' Council (promos) was set up to speak for all doctoral students of Osnabrück University, while also providing a platform for interdisciplinary exchange. In our work, we represent the doctoral students of Osnabrück University in university-wide committees and to outside interests. You can find more information - for example abour our "Promovierenden-Stammtisch" and our newsletter - at: www.promos.uni-osnabrueck.de. If you have any suggestions, ideas or want to join us and become active in the Doctoral Students' Council, send us an e-mail!

Contact: Johanna Fricke, Nicolas  Kuske, Linda LafloerAnnika Thoma

Postdoc-representatives at Osnabrueck University

The aim of the postdoc representatives in the Scientific Advisory Council of the PhD/ Postdoc Career Center (ZePrOs) is to ensure that the particular interests and needs of the second qualification phase will be adequately considered.
An informal regulars’ table, a mailing list with information about events around the Osnabrück University, as well as the study group “Postdocs at Osnabrück University” (Stud.IP) [>StudIP – Community – Study groups – Postdocs at Osnabrück University<] with information and discussion rounds on the improvement of the situation of young scientists, serve as an interdisciplinary exchange of information and networking among the postdocs of Osnabrück University.
We would be delighted about your participation!

Postdoc representatives at Osnabrück University:

Dr. Matthew Adamson