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Many visiting scholars come to Osnabrück with their families. The Guest House is also available to families. The management of Osnabrück University guesthouse takes great pains to create a pleasant living atmosphere and to meet the special needs of families with children.

Families with children who do not wish to stay at Osnabrück University Guest House are advised to contact the International Office well before their departure.
The Equal Opportunity Office will be glad to help you with finding a place for your child at nursery school or at school. 

Childcare and compulsory schooling

Children can attend nursery school from the age of three. Day nurseries for children under three do exist, but places are few and far between and waiting lists are long. The fees charged for places at nursery school and day nursery are usually income-related. A list of nursery schools in Osnabrück is available on the internet.  

In Germany, children aged six and above are subject to compulsory schooling. Public schools are free of charge. Lessons are usually taught in the mornings only. After-school care clubs are subject to a charge.