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Health insurance

Further information provided by Euraxess Germany

Please note that you must be able to prove you have a health insurance policy that is valid for your stay in Germany.

Germany has signed public health insurance agreements with a number of countries, including all EU member states. This means that you can retain your own health insurance without having to take out additional insurance in Germany. Before your departure, check with your insurance company at home to find out whether your country has a health insurance agreement with Germany and, if so, how much coverage you have.

For citizens from other countries that have not signed a health insurance agreement with Germany, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance from a private company. After your arrival in Germany, you can then take out a German health insurance policy for the duration of your stay.

This policy must include unlimited coverage in the case of illness and dental treatments. When applying for a residence permit, you must prove that you have adequate health insurance.

If you have to take out health insurance for the duration of your stay in Germany, you have the choice between taking out statutory or private health insurance. If you come to Osnabrück with an employment contract, you will probably have to take out statutory health insurance.

We strongly recommend that you also take out a personal liability and accident insurance policy.

If you have any questions, the International Office will be happy to advise you.