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Important documents

It is important that you bring the following documents with you to Germany.


Your passport (or equivalent ID) must be valid for the whole duration of your stay in Germany.


If you require a visa, you will also need one for any members of your family who will be accompanying you. You need to apply for your visa in good time. Never enter Germany on a tourist visa because these cannot be converted into residence permits.

Health insurance

You need to prove that you have health insurance for you and your family for your stay in Germany. Germany has entered into agreements with a number of countries. If your insurance covers your stay in Germany, please bring confirmation with you. (EU citizens require an  EHIC.) If your health insurance does not cover your stay in Germany, we recommend that you purchase travelers’ health insurance for the first week of your stay. After arriving in Germany, you can then take out a German health insurance policy.


Please do not forget to bring the letter of invitation issued by the Institute/School of Osnabrück University where you intend to work.

Translation of important documents

It may be worthwhile bringing important documents with you, possibly with a German translation, e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate and PhD certificate.

Proof of financial support

If you have to apply for a residence permit, you will have to prove how you finance your stay in Germany. You should therefore bring proof of financial support, income or savings.

Passport photos

You will need several recent (biometric) passport photos for various documents.

Vaccination record/illnesses

You should also take your international vaccination record with you. Any medical checkups required should be conducted before departing for Osnabrück.

Driving license

If your driving license was not issued in an EU Member State you will need a German translation or an international driving license. For longer stays, you may have to change your driving license into a German driving license because driving licenses from non-EU countries are no longer valid following stays in Germany in excess of six months. More information