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Osnabrück Universities’ Transfer- and Innovation Management (TIM)

The Transfer and Innovation Management (TIM) is the central facility for technology and knowledge transfer. TIM sees itself as a service provider for Osnabrück University. It provides a vast array of offers that serve to promote technology and knowledge transfer or, in other words, cooperation between Osnabrück’s academics and industry. These services range from the provision of all kinds of information about Osnabrück universities’ transfer potential, the organization of various event formats, the mediation of cooperative activities within and outside Osnabrück’s universities to advice on application-oriented development programs. Furthermore, TIM supports start-up enterprises from Osnabrück’s universities. In addition to the services described, TKS implements projects of its own using third-party funding intended to enhance transfer and innovation management. Osnabrück University operates TIM as a joint institution in collaboration with Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.