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Introduction to our advisory service

Both the academic department in which you will be working and the university’s advisory service for international members of staff are set on helping you settle in as quickly and as easily as possible.

In order to ensure a smooth start, the advisory service GloSci.Os:

  • Offers international members of staff advice and support in terms of any language and cultural problems they may have here. This includes help in understanding and responding to official correspondence in German, as well as support in handling culture shock and managing culture and language learning processes.
  • Liaises between international members of staff and administrative departments at the university, as well as between international members of staff and other public institutions, such as the Foreigners’ Office, the Revenue Office and the Employment Agency.
  • Regularly sends out newsletters with information relevant to international members of staff and organises workshops and social events for them.
  • Supports the university’s administration in their communication with international members of staff and in their professional development, so that the university can meet the changing needs stemming from internationalisation processes.

Please do not hesitate to approach me should there be any other forms of support you may need.

Your first steps in Osnabrück

Step 1: Sign your contract
Organise a meeting with me to sign your contract. I will be your contact person in central administration for the first couple of days after your arrival and will support you in completing some further official documents required by the university. I will also give you information on opening a bank account, getting health insurance, registering your address with the city’s authorities and extending your visa, if you are not an EU citizen. Finally, I will help you with any cultural or language issues you may encounter during your stay in Germany and help you connect to other international members of staff.

Step 2: Going to your department
Organise a meeting with your contact person in your academic department as soon as possible after you have signed your contract (preferably on the same day). They will be your first and most important contact person at the university during the first couple of days of your stay here. They will show you around the department and introduce you to other members of the department. Your contact person will also inform you about regulations pertaining to matters such as taking leave or reporting to the department when you are ill.

Step 3: Taking care of practical and official matters
In addition to settling in at the university, you will also need to take care of a number of administrative and practical matters once you are here, such as:

  • Signing your rental contract
  • Registering at the city’s Foreigners’ Office (if you are a non-EU citizen) or at the city’s Registration Office (if you are a member of an EU state)
  • Opening a bank account

Newsletter - Greetings from the yellow castle

"Greetings from the yellow castle" ist a newsletter, which keeps international members of staff up to date. By this newsletter you will receive important information about events, language courses or tax classes. You can find some examples of the newsletter below.

Newsletter 17.11.2018
Newsletter 14.10.2018
Newsletter 03.07.2018
Newsletter 08.08.2017
Newsletter 11.04.2017
Newsletter 05.03.2017