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Culture and leisure programs for (international) students


JOIN-OS is the culture and leisure program for German and international students studying at Osnabrück University.

JOIN-OS organizes exciting day trips to other German cities (e.g. Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg) as well as theater visits.

Link-OS program

Who can participate in the Link OS program?

Exchange students who

  • don’t know anyone in Osnabrück yet,
  • need help with getting to know to the city and Osnabrück University,
  • would  like to find some friends to have fun with.

For all those who answered “yes” to at least one of those questions, Link-OS is the right program. Please complete the Link-OS registration form and send it to the International Office. We’ll be glad to put you in touch with the right people.

For more information please contact Sabine Jones at the International Office.

Friend family program

The "Friend Family" program is organized by Caritas Osnabrück. It puts international students in touch with Osnabrück families.

International students who would like to learn more about Osnabrück and its inhabitants and who would also like to socialize with people outside the university are very welcome to register for the program.