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Impressions from the School of Physics. Fotos: Universität Osnabrück/Uwe Lewandowski

School of Physics

Physikgebäude, Foto: Pollert

Dean's office

Barbarastraße 7
49076 Osnabrück
Phone: +49 541 969 2660
Fax: +49 541 969 2670

Website School of Physics

The School of Physics concentrates its research on physics of condensed matter, with a distinct focus on exploring complex dielectric systems. In this context, two key avenues of research are pursued: The key area of dielectric crystals, layers, nanostructures and the formation of molecular structures focuses on basic research in physics using dielectric and hybrid systems. The key area of structure/dynamics functional relationships of biomacromolecules explores the properties of macromolecules in the embedding in or coupling on surfaces or functional nanostructures, and is characterized by biophysical basic research. In line with the unity of teaching and research, the close link to modern research and targeted guidance towards a PhD in the current research context, e.g. in the structured PhD program in Advanced Materials, play an important role, particularly in the disciplinary Master’s programs in Physics and Advanced Materials Science. In order to ensure the national comparability of Bachelor and Master’s programs and the respective degrees in Physics, the School of Physics, which has always had excellent networks, is a member of the Conference of University Physics Departments. For this reason, main components such as experimental physics, theoretical physics, laboratory practicals and mathematics are reflected in the polyvalent Dual Major Bachelor’s Degree and the Teacher Education degree programs, as well as in in-depth electives. By offering student coaching, the School fosters the continuous intensive and individual promotion of its students.

The School interacts with external stakeholders by hosting Physics Teachers Day and focusing on the continuing training of teachers, as well as by offering trial days for potential Physics students, a valuable source of information for prospective students. The general public is invited to get to know the School of Physics by attending the series of events called "Research for Pedestrians".

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