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Impressionen aus dem Fachbereich Biologie/Chemie. Fotos: Scholz, Lewandowski, Cazek

School of Biology/Chemistry

Biologiegebäude mit Teich

Dean's Office

Barbarastraße 11
49069 Osnabrück
Telefon: +49541 969 2833
Telefax: +49541 969 2433

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The scientific focus at the School of Biology/Chemistry is on cellular and molecular biological issues in Biology and the properties of new materials in Chemistry. Despite featuring a wide range of subdisciplines, this orientation has enabled the School to create space for large research consortia, most recently CRC 944 “Physiology and dynamics of cellular micro-compartments”. Collaboration in joint research projects and collaborative activities are an outstanding feature of the School of Biology/Chemistry.
The close connection between experimental science and targeted guidance towards a PhD in the context of current research even plays a role on the Bachelor’s program in Biology, and this is systematically continued in the Master’s program in Biology. The Master’s program in Advanced Materials Science is especially noted for its interdisciplinary position between Physics and Chemistry. The School’s wish to provide scientifically sound education is evident most vividly in the structured PhD program in “Biology” and the PhD program in “Advanced Materials”, established years ago.
Teacher education and training are equally important to Biology and Chemistry, which is evident in the presence of these disciplines in the polyvalent Major Bachelor’s Degree and in Teacher Education degree programs. In addition, the design of modern teaching is promoted by the pupils’ lab Explain-OS, which offers schoolchildren an insight into the current working methods used in research laboratories. Experimental kits designed in the NaT-Working-OS project “How science creates knowledge” also help to modernize teaching. These experimental kits are lent out to schools, where talks are also given on the topic by lecturers.

In research, the School has extensive interdisciplinary contact with the Research Center Costa Rica Center.

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