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Financing Your Studies

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How much money?

The average monthly living expenses during your studies in Osnabrück amount to around 850€, so that is roughly the amount of money you'll need to get by on a monthly basis. Find out more on how this amount is calculated by following the link below.

Information on living expenses

Further information

You can find more general information on financing your studies in Lower Saxony on the central website "Studying in Lower Saxony".

Further Information on financing your studies

In order to study, you'll need an income. While there is no tuition fee at Osnabrück University, you will still have a number of expenses: semester fees, literature, rent, daily expenses - the list goes on. A steady income helps offset these expenses. Of course, this is easier said than done, even moreso for refugees than for people who grew up in Germany and/or have German citizenship.

To help you navigate the complexities of financing your studies, we have compiled a number of ways to finance your studies below. We've listed both offers open for all students, regardless of status and citizenship, as well as offers specifically for international students and refugees. You will also find links to internal and external services that can assist you in finding a way of financing your studies.

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(Part-time) Work

The safest way of financing your studies is a steady income. Follow the links below to find information on what options you have in the regional job market.

Information on (part-time) work


You might be eligible to receive BAFöG - state-funded, interest-free financial support. Find more information on BAFöG by following the link below.

Information on BAFöG support


There is a variety of grants and scholarships that you might be eligible for and which can help you finance a stretch of your studies. Find an overview of available scholarships by following the link below.

Information on scholarship and grant options


A number of German banks offer loans specifically for students. If you have exhausted all other options, a loan might help you finance a stretch of your studies. Please note: these loans typically have to be payed back with interest. Find more information on loans by following the link below.

Information on loans

Hilde Domin Program

Refugees who had to interrupt their studies in their country of origin due to endangerment or threat to their well-being are often eligible for funding through the Hilde Domin program by the DAAD. To receive support, Osnabrück University (or another educational institution) has to nominate you, and you have to provide evidence that you had to discontinue your studies in your country of origin due to endangerment.

Find more information on the program's website. The Coordination Refugees can give you further information on the nomination process if you're interested. Just contact us using the email below!


If you have any questions concerning the different ways of financing your studies, please do not hesitate to contact us at