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P1: Digital Society – Innovation – Regulation


Prof. Dr. Frank Teuteberg
School of Business Administration and Economics

Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch
Maître en Droit
European Legal Studies Institute

Digitalization enables various forms of technical innovations, which give rise to novel and sometimes disruptive business models. As a result, new forms of flows of goods, services, finance and data emerge in society, which create numerous challenges for national and supranational regulators. At the same time, the digital transformation makes it possible to develop new technology-assisted regulatory tools. The design of an efficient regulatory framework for the flows of goods, services, finance and data linked to the new business models requires an interdisciplinary analysis of many different economic, technical, legal and social aspects.

The profile line “Digital Society – Innovation – Regulation” focuses on two thematic fields. For one thing, the project members investigate digital platforms with regard to sharing economy and crowdfunding, network effects, consumer behavior and market organization as well as novel regulations, compliance by design and algorithmic regulation. Other members of the profile line analyze innovation processes and smart services and focus on areas such as connected home, smart health services, industry 4.0, digital work design, smart service design, crowdsourcing, usability, innovation management and know-how protection.

In total, 25 scientists from the fields of economic sciences, computer science, cognitive science, politics, psychology, law, social sciences and information systems are involved.