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Science goes public

In 4 minutes - precise, clear, entertaining


Foto: Universität Osnabrück

Every year, the public gets to pick the brains of 30 or more Osnabrück University Professors on all kinds of science topics. Held in a relaxed atmosphere in the Osnabrück Castle, this low-budget event is a fantastic and fun way for citizens to learn more about the wide range of scientific issues explored at the Osnabrück university.

This »evening of knowledge» and its findings are showcased in a variety of media:

  • as film secuences on YouTube
  • as a long running series in a major German regional newspaper
  • as accompanying material for the classroom
  • as an image brochure for University guests

"Science goes public" : A popular evening out as Osnabrück Castle and a networkig forum for scientists.


Top content

Lecturers go to great pains to provide clear answers to even the most difficult questions.

Several lecturers are ready on stage to answer citizens’ questions.

Pause for reflection between questions – accompanied by music.

Past Science Forums at a glance