Understanding the science system and academic culture in Germany
WiSe 2022/23
ZePrOs Dozent/in
Termine am Donnerstag. 02.02.23 - Freitag. 03.02.23 09:30 - 13:00
Erster Termin:Do., 02.02.2023 09:30 - 13:00, Ort: (Online)
Lecturer: Dr. Veronika Fuest
is a certified consultant (systemic transactional analysis) and trainer with comprehensive international experience. Multidisciplinary academic qualifications, engagements in collaborative research projects at various scientific institutions, and various assignments in science management including consultancy, management of collaborative projects and of ombudsman affairs and internal process moderation. Actor and institutional analyses in the field of science.

International graduate schools and research projects involve novel opportunities of inspiring cooperation with researchers from many countries. On their arrival, young researchers in particular may be hardly familiar with the peculiarities of the science system and the academic culture in Germany. These include the institutional setting and major actors in the field of science from the national to the local levels, power relations as well as explicit and implicit rules and regulations – whether within their university, their faculty, their school or their project team.
This workshop hence aims to sensitize international young researchers to the characteristics of the German science system and academic culture, in order to help them navigate academic “shark pools“ and to be active in more appropriate ways.

This workshop will be particularly dealing with:
• institutional settings, regulations and incentive structures from national to local
• hierarchical and lateral relationships, micropolitics
• rules and regulations
• inherent assumptions, implicit rules and expectations in German aca-demia and in participants’ respective settings
• stakeholder analysis
• appropriate levels and ways of addressing misunderstandings and con-flicts, of reporting and reaching agreements
• useful links for further orientation

The workshop builds on the specific expectations and experiences of the participants. These will be captured by a preinquiry beforehand. In the workshop, trainer inputs take turns with group work, reflexive exercises and discussions in the plenary sessions. Making optimal use of limited seminar time, participants will be encouraged to engage in some homework between the two sessions.
Results of the workshop will be documented and shared with the participants.

Please note: A good command of the English language is required.
Doctoral candidates and postdocs
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