Intercultural communication in professional contexts
SoSe 2022
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Termine am Donnerstag. 22.09.22 09:00 - 17:00
Erster Termin:Do., 22.09.2022 09:00 - 17:00, Ort: 52/E05
Lecturer: Dr. Debbie Coetzee-Lachmann, Smart Communication – Training and Consulting, Osnabrück

Debbie Coetzee-Lachmann has more than twenty years’ experience in teaching business and academic English to students and professionals in South Africa, Belgium and Germany. As language and communication trainer and consultant, her work focuses on the challenges we face in terms of our communication and interaction in multicultural and multilingual academic and professional settings.

• In which ways can professionals’ cultural backgrounds influence their communication at work?
• How can one solve misunderstandings and communication breakdowns in professional communication caused by cultural differences?
• Which other aspects of identity can have an influence on communication in professional settings?
• How can one foster a diversity-sensitive communication culture in professional groups that is based on respect and understanding and that still supports group cohesion?

These four questions will guide our exchanges in this workshop on intercultural communication in professional contexts. We will look for answers to these questions on the basis of research on group dynamics, cultural differences and diversity in professional contexts and apply the answers in analyzing case studies. The case studies are all based on actual events that occurred in professional settings in academia and industry.
Participants will also be given opportunities to present personal experiences with intercultural encounters and to analyze these using theoretical frameworks and constructive, non-discriminatory approaches to intercultural communication.

Please note: Participants should have at least a higher intermediate competence level in English.
Doctoral candidates and postdocs
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