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Project management. Basics and methods for scientific projects
WS 2018/19
ZePrOs Dozent/in
Termine am Mittwoch. 06.03.19 09:00 - 17:00, Donnerstag. 07.03.19 09:00 - 13:00
Erster Termin:Mi , 06.03.2019 09:00 - 17:00, Ort: 52/106
Dr. Christine Issa, SAMINWORLD oHG
is a geographer, a certified Mastercoach (ISP/DGfC) and managing partner of SAMIN oHG. She was educated at the universities of Mannheim, Bonn and Gießen. She worked many years in commerce as a project controller, led international and interdisciplinary research projects in the inter-national academic cooperation and conducted training for scientists in Afghanistan. She is offering coaching and workshops in intercultural communication, conflict and pro-ject management, leadership and viva defense.

Projects in scientific environments are subject to different rules than economical projects. They are generated from unanswered questions rather than from eco-nomical needs. Scientific projects vastly do not create consumer products but reveal new findings, new methods, concepts or services.
Deployment of professional tools, as applied in industry, support objective at-tainment, effective project control, risk reduction and structured communication. The challenges are to adjust techniques and methods from project management to the demands of scientific working fields.
This workshop conveys basic project management knowledge, methods and competencies. Practical exercises provide an insight in the deployment of pro-ject management tools. Additionally the roles and responsibilities and the skills set of a project manager will be outlined.
• Traditional vs. agile project management: opportunities and limits
• Particular challenges of project management in scientific organizations
• Principles of project planning and controlling
• Coordinating collaboration: between kick-off and meetings
• Project leadership: roles, responsibilities, skills
• Toolbox: techniques and methods of project management
Advanced doctoral candidates and postdocs
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