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Managing R & D Projects – Tools and skills for the management of scientific projects
SS 2017
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Termine am Freitag. 12.05. - Samstag. 13.05. 09:00 - 17:00
Erster Termin:Fr , 12.05.2017 09:00 - 17:00
Lecturer: Dr. Christine Issa, SAMIN oHG
is a geographer, a certified Mastercoach (ISP/DGfC) and managing partner of SAMIN oHG. She was educated at the universities of Mannheim, Bonn and Gießen. She worked many years in commerce as a project controller, led international and interdisciplinary research projects in the international academic cooperation and conducted training for scientists in Afghanistan. She is offering coaching and workshops in intercultural communication, conflict and project management, leadership and viva defense.

Projects in research and development are characterized by different approaches and milestones then industry projects. Their deliverables are mostly not products but outcomes, results and new findings. This makes them on the one hand hard to control, on the other hand being in an economic competition about funding and third-party resources, managing and controlling of scientific projects is crucial for the success of the projects and all involved partners. Being responsible not only for one but for multiple projects doubles the challenges in project controlling and leadership in terms of communication and guiding members.
Scientific teamwork is characterized by collaborative working with national and international team members, having diverse scientific disciplines, backgrounds and experiences. Often project managers do not have the leading authority but are in charge of the project management. Then a collaborative communication is crucial for the common project success. However, establishing a respectful team cooperation requires a good communication among the team members; so that they would be able to share their knowledge, opinions, working techniques, solution and scientific approaches. Ignoring the importance of these issues can lead a research project or any joint activities among team members to serious failure.
The aim of this workshop is to give an overview about the requirements and methods in the management of scientific projects. Professional tools from project management could be supportive if they are used in the right manner. Based on practical exercises, participants will get knowledge and insight how to structure, plan and control their projects and which competencies as a project manager are required. Hands-on methods for establishing a good project communication and basic knowledge about team leadership will be provided.

Contents in brief:
• Research and Development-Projects vs. Industrial Projects: similarities and differences
• Methods and tools for project management: scheduling, project structure plan, time, cost, resource planning, traditional vs agile project management
• Project organization, project management and team work: organizational structures, roles, tasks, team development, challenges and typical conflicts in teamwork
• Establishing team culture and rules of collaboration in research and working groups
• Leading projects without superior functions: negotiation of Interests, communicating benefits
• Organization of project communication: tools and methods
postdocs and doctoral candidates
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