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SS 2021

Schneckener, Ulrich
1.111 Democracy Promotion & Democracies in Transition Di, 16:00-18:00,
Weinrich, Martin
1.112 Political Interest Intermediation // Interessenvermittlung in der EU Mi, 16:00-18:00,
Ruffing, Eva
1.113 Comparative Public Policy Analysis Do, 12:00-14:00,
Clément, Maéva
1.114 Democracy and Peacebuilding Fr, 10:00-12:00,
Krtsch, Roman
1.115 Applied Public Policy Analysis 2 Di, 08:00-10:00,
Bohlender, Matthias
1.116 The Modern State in History and Theory Do, 10:00-12:00,
Günaydin, Kardelen
1.118 Knowledge & Power : Lobbying and Think Tanks in European and Global Governance Mo, 14:00-16:00,
Krtsch, Roman
1.119 Introduction to applied quantitative methods in political science Di, 14:00-16:00,
De Juan, Alexander
1.121 Quantitative Conflict Studies Project Do, 08:00-10:00,
De Juan, Alexander
Schneckener, Ulrich
1.122 Ringvorlesung: Practical Approaches to Peacebuilding & Conflict Management Do, 14:00-16:00,
Saalbach, Klaus-Peter
1.125 Geopolitics and geostrategy
Fegue, Cyril
1.126 Democracy and Digitalization: An Intro-duction to Theories and Debates
Baudner, Jörg
1.128 Turkish policies and politics
Schwenken, Helen
1.214 Spezielle Soziologien I+II: Movements for Gender Equality, LGBTIQ+ Rights and Against Gender-Based Violence in a Global Perspective
Höfinghoff, Gerd
1.235 Englisch für Sozialwissenschaftler*innen (ES, Pol, Soz) Mi, 14:00-16:00,
Olson, Jennifer
1.313 Shaping science: university governance, actors and crises in higher education Do, 10:00-12:00,
Lenschow, Andrea
1.314 Applied policy making Mi, 10:00-12:00,
Shani, Maor
1.402 Migration and Identity Mi, 10:00-12:00, 22/E26
Krause, Ulrike
1.407 Statelessness and Forced Migration Mo, 14:00-16:00,
Krause, Ulrike
1.409 Children and Youth in Exile: Perspectives on Risks and Coping of Young Displaced People Mo, 10:00-12:00,
Lauterbach, Frank
SPZ 1.500 Englisch für das Studium (Interdisziplinär): Introduction to Academic English Mi, 16:00-17:30,

Master-Studiengänge in English