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CANCELLED: [Academic Presenting at Conferences: Delivering Effective and Powerful Talks]



Conference presentations and other academic talks are a good way to make research public and to receive feedback from the academic community. Yet, the success of a presentation depends as much on a professional performance as on the quality of the work. It is ultimately through convincing delivery that the presentation can have lasting impact and the research be communicated effectively.

In this workshop, we will discuss how an academic presentation in English can be prepared and developed to achieve such goals. We are first going to look at ways to enhance your personal presence and to deal with nervousness and other critical situations. We will then detect, analyze and practice a broad range of techniques to successfully communicate your research through structural arrangements and the use of language, slides/media, voice, and gestures. Finally, you will get the opportunity to deliver a short presentation to apply those techniques and receive extensive peer and expert feedback on your performance.

In particular, we will cover the following topics:
• understanding the communicative function of presentations;
• presenting confidently and overcoming nervousness;
• defining the focus and purpose of your presentation;
• reducing and organizing information;
• making your structural organization transparent for the audience;
• using language and rhetorical devices successfully;
• activating your audience and guiding them through the presentation;
• creating supportive slides and integrating them adequately into the presentation;
• applying proper speech patterns of English (such as stress and intonation);
• handling gestures and other aspects of body language effectively.

This course is part of the interdisciplinary program ENGLISH+. The program addresses typical challenges for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who want to (or have to) publish and present their work in English. It covers a range of special skills and competencies needed to write and communicate professionally in English and, thus, to become recognized by the international scientific community.

The list below shows the complete ENGLISH+ curriculum. It is divided into (1) three courses that, taken together, include all important aspects of academic writing, (2) three courses that focus on typical situations arising at conferences, as well as (3) an additional course for developing English grammar, vocabulary, and usage. All courses are taught at least once a year, and a certificate can be obtained after having completed a minimum of five different courses.

(1) Academic Writing:
• Academic Writing, Module 1: Writing and Publishing a Research Paper
• Academic Writing, Module 2: Constructing English Paragraphs and Texts (including Dissertations)
• Academic Writing, Module 3: Developing Adequate Academic Sentences in English

(2) Conference English:
• Academic Presenting at Conferences: Delivering Effective and Powerful Talks
• Preparing and Conducting a Poster Presentation: Participating Successfully in Poster Sessions at Conferences
• Communicating Properly in Academic Contexts: Discussing Research, Networking at Conferences, Presenting Yourself

(3) Academic Language Skills:
• Expanding English Grammar and Vocabulary for Professional Writing and Speaking

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