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Master of Arts in Education

Education program for Grundschule, Hauptschule and Realschule (LGHR)

In this program, teachers can qualify to teach at a Grundschule, Hauptschule, Realschule or Gesamtschule (grades 1 to 10). The program focuses on both Grundschule and Hauptschule/Realschule. Before applying to take their final examinations, students must decide which area they wish to focus on. The program prepares students for a teaching career covering at least two subjects. In one of the selected school subjects, however, a teaching certificate for all three types of school must be earned. Those who choose to focus on working at a Grundschule must be willing to apply later for jobs at a Hauptschule/ Realschule. Those who choose to focus on Hauptschule/Realschule can also be employed later at a Grundschule.

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Teaching certificate for Berufsschule

This program allows students to earn a teaching certificate that will enable them to teach their chosen subject area and elected subject at Berufsschule. The following vocational subjects can be studied at Osnabrück University:

  • Health Sciences
  • Cosmetology
  • Nursing Science

Health Science teachers instruct future doctor’s, dental and veterinary assistants, as well as pharmaceutical sales staff. Cosmetology graduates teach cosmetics and hairdressing. Nursing Science instructors primarily work at Berufsschule teaching students who wish to become care assistants for the elderly, at therapeutic clinics and other social institutions. In addition, graduates may also teach at schools where students are trained for a medical career without participating in the dual system (caregivers, nursery nurses, caregivers for new mothers). Teachers at Berufsschule also provide instruction in the optional area (e.g. German or mathematics).

Additional information is available in German only