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ERASMUS+ Traineeships at Osnabrück University

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Learning Agreement

Kindly check out a Learning Agreement  (PDF, 527 kB)for Traineeships as well as Guidelines (PDF, 330 kB) on how to use the Learning Agreement for Traineeships

Infos for Schools and Research Facilities

Members of UOS' Schools and Research Facilities can find further info here

Osnabrück University welcomes students from around the world to conduct an ERASMUS+ traineeship in one of our renowned Schools and Research Facilities. Students will have the opportunity to enhance their intercultural awareness, gain valuable work experience in an international environment and thus improve their career prospects.

General Information

ERASMUS+ traineeships represent an individual arrangement between one of Osnabrück University’s Schools and Research Facilities and the trainee. An existing inter-institutional agreement between Osnabrück University and the sending institution is not a prerequisite.

Trainees obtain funding through their home institution. No salary is paid out by Osnabrück University. The trainee himself is responsible for an appropriate insurance coverage (accident insurance, health insurance, private liability insurance, etc.).

A traineeship is to be carried out in full-time (i.e. 40 hours a week) and should be completed within 3 months. As trainees are not enrolled at Osnabrück University, participation in courses is not possible. Likewise, the International Office cannot offer orientation sessions or language classes for incoming trainees.

Application guidelines

  1. Identify a School and/or Research Facility corresponding to your academic and professional interests
  2. Contact a university lecturer with a brief proposal of your traineeship interest
  3. Respond If the university lecturer is indeed interested he or she will get back to you. Please note that Osnabrück University’s School and Research Institutes are under no obligation to accept ERASMUS+ trainees.

At this stage, the prospective trainee is expected to provide the Learning Agreement for Traineeships – Before the Mobility to the traineeship supervisor. The Learning Agreement for Traineeships needs to be completed and then signed by the trainee, a representative of the sending institution as well as the supervisor at the hosting School in Osnabrück prior to the start of the traineeship. The hosting School/Institute will check and correct all information.


Your contact for questions

Anna-Julia Toll

Tel.: +49 541 969-4106

Raum: 19/E07
International Office
Neuer Graben 27
49074 Osnabrück