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PhD/Postdoc Career Center

As an umbrella organization, the PhD/Postdoc Career Center at Osnabrück University brings together doctoral candidates and postdocs from all Schools of Osnabrück University linking the entire research-oriented training for doctoral candidates. The PhD/Postdoc Career Center provides training opportunities for all doctoral candidates and postdocs specially tailored to their needs as well as individual advancement to optimize their scientific work and to enable them to acquire labor market-related skills.

Registration deadline extended - “Good Science!”
Symposium on Good Scientific Practice, October 5th and 6th, 2022

On October 5th and 6th, 2022, the University of Osnabrück is holding its fifth symposium on good scientific practice. The conference will provide information on the new DFG Code of Conduct "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice" and offer opportunities for an in-depth subject-related and interdisciplinary exchange on the question of how good scientific practice can be implemented and safeguarded in one's own everyday research. Doctoral candidates and postdocs, professors and lecturers and students at Osnabrück University are cordially invited to participate.

Please note: The conference language is mainly German. A handout inEnglish will be provided for the opening lecture. One of the workshops will be held in English. Questions can be asked in English in all parts of the program.

We look forward to receiving your registration by October 3rd, 2022!

The program and registration form for the symposium are available here: Registration

Program (PDF, 626 kB)