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Impressionen aus dem Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Fotos: Gramberg, Popov/Fotolia;  Universität Osnabrück/Scholz, Münch, Pollert

School of Business Administration and Economics

Dean's Office

Heger-Tor-Wall 14
49069 Osnabrück
Raum 22/E35
Telefon: +49 541 969 6147
Telefax: +49 541 969 6142



The School of Business Administration and Economics is of a manageable size. Its main focus in re-search and teaching is on accounting, empirical economics and information systems.

The study programs are well structured. Contents needed to work professionally are prepared using scientific methods and scientific thinking. During their studies, students can choose between a general profile and a specialized profile concerned with one of the focus topics above. Most courses are in German, but some courses in Business Administration and in Economics are taught in English. In this way, students can study a semester in English in the Bachelor’s as well as in the Master’s program.

Research and teaching in banking, public finance and marketing complement the main focus. Further-more, experimental economic research that simulates decisions of individuals in laboratory experiments is done to gain knowledge about economic decision making. Besides research at the different chairs, the school participates in Osnabrück University’s research program “Digital Society – Innovation – Regulation”.

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