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Reimbursement of fees

Any fees paid can only be reimbursed if the application for exmatriculation is submitted within one month of lectures having commenced. Please note that you can only undertake examinations performances (written examinations. oral examinations, submission of final theses) if you are registered as a student. You do not need to be registered whilst your examination is being corrected.

Notification of other bodies

In order to avoid subsequent payment or requests for returns, in your own interest you should immediately notify other bodies (e.g. BAföG Office, Job Centre, child benefit office, health insurance company) about your exmatriculation.


Any examination procedure that has been initiated shall generally not be interrupted by exmatriculation. If you have registered for an examination procedure or the procedure is ongoing, please contact the responsible Examination Office before submitting your application for exmatriculation. If you fail to turn up for examinations to which you have registered, this will be assessed as a fail and, in the event of it being your final attempt at taking this particular examination, could lead to the definitive failure of the whole degree program.


It is expressly pointed out that your membership of Osnabrück University ends as soon as your exmatriculation comes into effect. Your entitlement to use the campuscard or student certificates for reductions ends at the same time. In the event of a breach, you will be punishable within the meaning of the German Criminal Code.

Your Campuscard must be handed in when your exmatriculation comes into effect.

Excerpt from the Registration Regulations


§ 5 Exmatriculation at student’s own request

(1) Students shall be exmatriculated at any time following receipt of their written application. Any fees and charges that have already been paid shall be reimbursed if the application for exmatriculation is submitted within one month of lectures having commenced. The following documents shall be enclosed with the application: 1. the Campuscard, 2. registration certificates.

(2) The student shall be exmatriculated as of the desired date or, unless applied for otherwise, as of the end of the current semester. If desired, an exmatriculation certificate shall be issued or sent to the student. Retrospective exmatriculation is not possible, except for in the cases specified in the second sentence of paragraph 1.

§ 6 Exmatriculation for a special reason

(1) Students shall be exmatriculated if

  1. they have passed a final examination,
  2. they have definitively failed the final examination or an examination that must be passed in accordance with the applicable examination regulations.,
  3. in the event of a degree program with restricted entry, the letter of admission is incontestably revoked or immediately executable and the student is not enrolled on any other degree program.

(2) Students who, following a reminder to reregister or to pay any fees or charges due in accordance with the applicable version of Lower Saxony Higher Education Act by a certain time, with the threat of exmatriculation, shall be exmatriculated as of the end of the semester once the deadline has expired.

(3) A student may be exmatriculated if facts become known or occur following his or her registration that would have justified the rejection of their enrolment.