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School of Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics

Dean's Office

Albrechtstr. 28a
49069 Osnabrück
Telefon: +49541 969 2561
Telefax: +49541 969 2770


In the School of Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics, excellent research and teaching profiles are achieved not only in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, but also in Geoinformatics and Systems Science.

The disciplines offer a wide range of  Bachelor’s and Teacher Education degree programs and are also connected beyond the department with their subject-specific master's programs.

There is a great interest at the School in offering targeted guidance towards a PhD in the current research context. Close links to the PhD /Post Doc Career Center also ensure that PhD students at the School of Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics gain maximum support.

In research, the subjects of mathematics and computer science are characterized by innovative approaches and interdisciplinary networking, both within and outside the University. This is also clear from the Center for Early Childhood Development and Education Research (CEDER), the establishment of a branch office of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the founding of the Data Science Research Center and the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Joint Lab. In physics, the research focus lies on fundamental research in physics and on interdisciplinary research related to mathematics, computer science, chemistry, and biology. Experimentally and theoretically oriented research groups work on a broad spectrum of topics from a wide range of fields, which include condensed matter physics, ultrafast physics, nanostructures, surfaces and ultrathin films, biological membranes and macromolecules, electronic structure, quantum thermodynamics, and statistical physics. The Physics Didactics group is concerned with the teaching and learning of physics.

In addition to its core tasks in research and teaching, the department develops a variety of offerings for prospective students, schools and the interested public. Through its participation in Girls Day and other initiatives, the department is committed to achieving gender balance in the natural sciences

By regularly hosting events (e.g. Computer Science Taster Days, Maths Day, physics trial study, the information day infoMI+P, the conference teaching trends, Osnabrück Autumn Academy, Technology Day and the E-Learning and Diversity Future Workshop), the departments wish to arouse interest in their disciplines sustainably and at an early stage, as well as contributing to the University’s knowledge transfer.

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Master Programs at the School of Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics