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Dual Major Bachelor’s Degree

The Dual Major Bachelor’s degree was introduced in winter semester 2004/05. In line with other Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, it is a modular program that applies the grade point system (ECTS) and involved course-based examinations.

Depending on the choice of subjects, students are awarded either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree.

The study program is polyvalent, meaning that it prepares students to embark on a career, as well as qualifying them to continue studying – either on a Master’s program in their chosen subjects or on a Master of Arts in Education program.

Those interested in training to be a teacher at a German grammar school (Gymnasium) first have to earn a Dual Major Bachelor’s degree and then proceed to take a Master in Education (Gymnasium).

Subject combinations

In the Dual Major Bachelor’s Degree, two subjects are combined: you can either study two core subjects or combine a major subject with a minor subject.

If you are studying in order to become a teacher at a German grammar school (Gymnasium), please make sure you select an appropriate combination of subjects for your Bachelor’s program.