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Leave of absence

In the event of an important reason that can be proven, students of Osnabrück University can apply in writing for leave of absence. Applications must be submitted by the end of the reregistration deadline or, in exceptional cases, up to two months after the semester has commenced. You can find the relevant application here (PDF, 186 kB).

Important reasons are, in particular:

  • having to perform an official duty
  • falling ill or having to care for a close relative
  • pursuing study abroad that is obligatory or recommended on your degree program lasting a minimum of three months, a part of which, at least, clashes with the lecture period at Osnabrück University
  • working as an elected representative in academic or student self-administration
  • pregnancy, parental leave or caring for a child at a time when parental leave would be applicable due to the existence of an employment relationship
  • completing an internship that is obligatory or recommended on your degree program that lasts for at least half the semester

Leave of absence may not be granted for

  • the first semester, with the exception of study abroad on a consecutive Master’s program if you have written consent by the competent school
  • for past semesters

Leave of absence can only be granted for whole semesters and is generally only permissible for two successive semesters at the most. In the course of a degree program, students may not be granted leave of absence for more than four semesters.

During their leave of absence, students retain their member’s rights; however, they are not entitled to take courses, perform study or examination achievements or make use of care services provided by the University during this time.

Students who are granted leave of absence due to study abroad (§ 8 (3) (2) of the Registration Regulations) are entitled to take examinations during the course of the leave of absence. In deviation of this, law students who are granted leave of absence due to study abroad may not take any examinations during this period. The study commission shall decide upon any exceptions to this rule.

Students who have been granted leave of absence are exempt from paying the semester fee and the administrative fee. If the facilities of Osnabrück Student Services (canteen) or services provided by the student body (semester ticket) are utilized, a reduced semester fee shall be transferred for the respective semester. If a student who has been granted leave of absence is fully exempted from paying the contribution, no validity stamp will be attached to the Campuscard for the respective semester.