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Traineeships abroad

A traineeship abroad is an excellent opportunity to use knowledge you have acquired during your studies and to gain experience in areas related to your subject. Each individual discipline offers you a wide range of traineeships depending on your preferences regarding where, when and for how long you would like to go, and what kind of traineeship you envisage.

Due to increasing levels of globalization, graduates are expected to have gained more experience abroad than used to be the case.  Applying for a job without demonstrating that you have studied or taken a traineeship abroad is virtually inconceivable nowadays. The intercultural skills you acquire by getting to know a foreign country, and – even more importantly - the contact you have with people of other cultures is an important selection criterion, especially in companies with an international profile.

In order to find a suitable traineeship, you must demonstrate initiative and be willing to do the work involved.

Further information and advice is available at the International Office.

Details of the information meetings in the fall term 2022-23 can be found here

Contact person in the International Office:

Laura Rohe, M.A.

Tel.: +49 541 9694708

Office: 19/E06
International Office
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