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Female Promotion Pool

Promotion of women’s and gender studies and projects for the actual enforcement of equal opportunities for women and men  

With its Female Promotion Pool, Osnabrück University has created an instrument that helps to implement this remit to achieve gender equality:

  1. Completion Scholarships for talented and qualified young female scholars: Funding may be awarded for PhD and habilitation projects that are nearing completion and for which no other funding is available for the requested period of funding. The maximum funding period shall be 6 months, at a rate of € 1,200 per month. PhD or habilitation projects with a recognizable reference to gender may be funded for a maximum of 12 months, at a rate of € 1,200 per month. Female scholarship holders may be awarded a child supplement if one or more children under the age of 14 live in their household. The child supplement is € 150 for one child or € 250 for two and more children.
  2. Female postdocs (postdoc funding): Funding may be awarded to female postdocs to promote their academic career in research and teaching. The funding may include both human and material resources; however, no scholarships are awarded.
  3. Women’s and gender studies in research and teaching: Funding may be awarded for guest lectures, symposia or series of lectures on gender topics, for example. Teaching assignments on women’s or gender studies may also be funded in part, and funding may be awarded for research projects on innovative topics related to women’s and gender studies.
  4. Activities and projects on the actual enforcement of equal opportunities for women and men:  Funding may be awarded for activities and projects on gender awareness as well as for activities, projects and teaching assignments that help reduce gender under-representation. Projects and activities cannot usually be financed fully; a (variable) subsidy is usually awarded.