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For a Germany that is Open to the World

No space for hate and violence!

Our Basic Law celebrates its 75th birthday this month! The fundamental rights enshrined in it are a guideline and reference for us, especially in times when it is difficult to remember what our democracy stands for.

At the same time, world political events fill us with great concern. Russia's ongoing attack on Ukraine, the looming conflicts in the Far East and - above all - the horrific war in the Middle East are preoccupying many people at our university. For all of us personally, it is impossible to view and evaluate the war in the Middle East without emotion. The events are terrible, the appalling violence unbearable. Discussing this horror objectively is an enormous challenge. And, even on a factual level, there are no simple solutions!

Article 5 of our Basic Law enshrines the right to freedom of expression, artistic freedom, freedom of the press and academic freedom. These rights are the basis for the existence of academic life in Germany. We should and must all work to ensure that these rights are not attacked. This also applies when things become difficult, namely when different positions have to be endured and discussed.

Openness and peaceful coexistence are the values that form the basis of our university in Osnabrück, our city of peace. As a university, we have the right and the mandate to attempt the impossible: To keep spaces open for discourse and at the same time guarantee that all people at our university feel seen on the one hand and safe on the other. It is our mission to discuss conflicts objectively, to reflect on our own positions and not to let anger and aggression gain the upper hand.

Our Basic Law as a non-negotiable foundation is also the benchmark here: human dignity is inviolable! There must be no room at our university for anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim racism, racism of any kind as well as discrimination, hate speech and the endangerment of individual members of our university!

Please conduct the dialogue and academic discourse on sensitive topics with care. Respect the views of others as long as they do not slide into anti-human or anti-constitutional positions, insults, shouting down and the rejection of dialogue. Criminal words and actions must not be tolerated. What counts are factual arguments and, last but not least, humanity, tolerance and respect.

And one more request: Do not hold employees and students who have personal ties to crisis regions responsible for the political situation. Some people who have such a connection due to their nationality, religion or origin cannot represent entire population groups or the attitude of governments. Some people want to talk and exchange views and take a clear stance - others do not. We have to respect that.

Please let us keep reminding ourselves of these basic principles of interaction and work together to ensure that people on our campus treat each other with respect and feel safe, regardless of their origin or faith.

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