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Cost of living for international students in Osnabrück

Roughly the following costs will be incurred (you will need around € 940 per month to cover your cost of living):

  • Books, copies and other study materials: € 25 to 50 per month
  • Rent: approx. € 175 to 350 per month
  • Food: student canteens (Mensa), run by Osnabrück Student Services, offer inexpensive meals (for about € 4 per day).
    An additional € 75 to 130 per month is required to prepare meals at home.
  • Health insurance: around € 110 per month
  • Costs of studying (semester fees)
  • Housing deposit: you will generally be asked to pay a deposit for an apartment or room, which will be reimbursed when you move out. Private rooms or apartments usually require a deposit of three months’ rent. Student residences require a deposit of € 400 for a room.
  • mandatory licence fee for public radio and TV: 18.36 EUR per month (additional information may be found on the webside of ARD ZDF Beitragsservice
  • For the visa / residence permit non-EU/EEA-students have to prove that they have approx. 11,000 EUR at their disposal to cover their living expenses during the first year in Germany
  • As a rule, after arrival in Germany non-EU/EEA-students have to apply for a residence permit (approx. 100 EUR)

Please do not hesitate to contact the International Office if you have questions.

Anna-Julia Toll

Tel.: +49 541 969-4106

Raum: 19/E07
International Office
Neuer Graben 27
49074 Osnabrück

Sprechzeiten: Eine Beratung erfolgt jederzeit per E-Mail. Persönliche Termine nach Vereinbarung. / Consultation any time by email. Personal appointments upon request.