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Degree programs and study courses in English

Study Programs

Seven master programs at Osnabrück University are held entirely in English.

The PhD Program Cognitive Science is also purely English.


Study courses

Numerous courses are also held in English.

Wintersemester 2023/2024

Summersemester 2023

WiSe 2023/24

Hazzaa, Mira
Toll, Anna-Julia
Reflect, Question, Discuss: Navigating Identity, Culture and Power Dynamics in a Global Context
Scharlach, Paula
9.9998 [Master] Mathematics crash course for Master's students Do, 18:00-20:00, 11/213
Potechin, Nick
9.13005 [Master] Advanced Seminar in Public Economics
Kayaoglu, Aysegül
9.13900 [Master] Economics of Migration
Westermann, Frank
9.16500 [Master] Empirical Economic Policy (International Economic Policy III) Mo, 14:00-16:00, 41/112
Ryzhenkov, Mykola
9.16501 [Master] Supplementary Study Class for Empirical Economic Policy Mo, 16:00-18:00, 47/E04
Erman, Lisardo
Dinger, Valeriya
9.17005 [Master: Advanced Seminar in Macroeconomics] Challenges to Financial Stability in Times of Rising Interest Rates
Klinger, Edgar
9.19920 [Master] International Management Mi, 16:00-18:00, 11/212
Humphrey, Steve
9.20100 [Bachelor] Information Economics Mo, 12:00-14:00, 22/215
Di, 12:00-14:00, 15/105
Diestelhorst, Kim
9.20102 [Bachelor] Information Economics [Exercise Class B] Mi, 12:00-14:00, 22/215
Diestelhorst, Kim
9.20110 [Bachelor] Information Economics [Exercise Class A] Di, 10:00-12:00, 15/105
Humphrey, Steve
9.20500 [Master] Experimental and Behavioral Economics Mo, 10:00-12:00, 15/318
Di, 14:00-16:00, 01/EZ04
Campe, Hannes
9.20501 [Master] Exercise for Experimental and Behavioral Economics Fr, 10:00-12:00, 01/EZ04
Wilde, Joachim
9.21500 [Master Advanced Econometrics and Statistics] Multiple equation models and advanced panel data models Do, 12:00-14:00, 22/107
Fr, 08:00-10:00, 22/107
Kettler, Kai Fabian
9.21501 [Master] Exercise for Advanced Econometrics and Statistics Do, 08:00-10:00, 47/E03
Do, 08:00-10:00, Virtueller PC-Pool: Raum 1
Gillenkirch, Robert
9.23560 [Master] Management Control, Coordination and Incentives Di, 18:00-20:00, 22/108
Mi, 08:00-10:00, 15/E16
Gillenkirch, Robert
9.23600 [Master] Behavioral Management Accounting
Honcharova, Kateryna
9.23999 [Master] Seminar: Business and Sustainability
O' Connor, Aidan
9.24900 [Master] Strategy and Competitive Analysis
Rellensmann, Thomas
Baaken, Marieke
9.28005 [Master Seminar] Economic growth, well-being and environmental quality Di, 16:00-18:00, 22/104
Waldhof, Gabi
Baaken, Marieke
9.28008 [Master Seminar] Approaches to Sustainability Transformation in Agriculture
Engel, Stefanie
Thomas, Fabian
9.28100 [Bachelor] Environmental and Behavioral Economics Mo, 10:00-12:00, 93/E31
Do, 16:00-18:00, 93/E44
Fr, 14:00-16:00, 93/E44
Gaube, Thomas
9.131050 [Master Mandatory Module] Advanced Microeconomics Di, 12:00-14:00, 11/212
Mi, 10:00-12:00, 11/212
Westermann, Frank
9.160220 [Master] Project Seminar Economics [Prof. Westermann] Mo, 16:00-18:00,
Wilde, Joachim
9.211050 [Master Mandatory Module: Advanced Methods in Business Administration and Economics] Microeconometrics Fr, 12:00-14:00, 22/B01
Forstinger, Sarah
9.211051 [Master Mandatory Module] Exercise for Microeconometrics Mo, 16:00-17:00, 47/E03
Mo, 17:00-18:00, 47/E03
Di, 14:00-15:00, 47/E03
Di, 15:00-16:00, 47/E03
Khanjani Shiraz, Rashed
9.240514 [Master] Machine Learning in Business Analytics Mo, 18:00-20:00, 01/B02
Mi, 16:00-18:00, 01/B02

Complete course catalog

Osnabrück University offers a wide range of courses in it's modular degree programs with high standards of quality. Here you can find the complete course catalog in German language.