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Biology – From Molecules to Organisms | Master of Science

Basic information

Standard period of study :
Four semesters
Language of instruction :
English (mainly), German
Commencement of studies :
Summer and winter semester
Master of Science (M.Sc.)

What are the key aspects of this program?

The international master's degree program "Biology - From Molecules to Organisms" offers a research-oriented specialization in current areas of molecular and organismal biology. Biology research at Osnabrück University covers a broad methodological and thematic spectrum, ranging from structural and biophysical principles to cell biological and physiological phenomena as well as questions related to ecology, evolution and animal behaviour. In a stimulating and scientifically excellent environment, the master's program offers:

  • Three possible tracks: (1) General Biology, (2) Evolution, Behaviour and Ecology, and (3) Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Flexible selection of modules within the chosen track
  • Interdisciplinary qualifications taught in special courses
  • A high proportion of research-oriented practical training
  • A final thesis in an excellent research environment with access to cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure

What kind of career can I have with this degree?

Biology lies at the core of the socially and economically highly relevant topics ecology, nutrition and health. With a master's degree, a wide variety of career paths will open up for you in these fields. Examples include:

  • Fundamental research at universities or other research institutions
  • Applied research, development, and sales (e.g. pharmaceutical or agro-industry)
  • Teaching in an academic environment
  • Science journalism
  • Expert activity (e.g. State Criminal Investigation Office, environmental assessment)
  • Work in museums and zoological or botanical gardens
  • Health care
  • Public administration (e.g. offices for environmental protection or water management)

For more research oriented professions, you should consider a doctorate. The excellent research environment at Osnabrück offers a wide range of research opportunities as well as structured doctoral programs.

How is the program structured?

Many modules can be completed flexibly in different semesters. A typical study plan could look like this:

Table with typical study plan from first to fourth semester
  • After a one-week lecture series in which all 19 research groups of Osnabrück Biology introduce themselves, you choose an individual selection of master modules. Through a balanced combination of lectures, seminars and practical courses, you will deepen your scientific skills in the corresponding subjects.
  • An excursion or internship module offers the opportunity to specifically strengthen practical skills. The assistance module involves the supervision of Bachelor students and helps to acquire key qualifications in the field of teaching.
  • Research-oriented project work in two different working groups will prepare you for your master's thesis. An accompanying literature course allows you to dive into the topic of your research project.
  • Due to the intensive preparation, you will be able to work on the research project of your master's thesis largely independently, thus further developing your scientific skills. This gives you the best chance of completing a highly qualified master's thesis within the available time period.

Download study plan (PDF, 71 kB)

What are the admission requirements?

A completed bachelor’s degree in a Biology program (B. Sc.) or an equivalent university degree. For further information, please refer to the  admission regulations.

How do I apply?

Here you can find information about any admission requirements and application deadlines for this program of study.

German citizens with Abitur or other university admission qualifications can apply directly using the Osnabrück University Online-Platform. International applicants who have attended school in Germany and who possess German certification may do the same.

International applicants without German certification should note that different conditions apply to their application procedure in some cases.

Am I expected to study abroad?

The examination regulations do not prescribe an obligatory period of study abroad. Nevertheless, there are a number of exchange programs which enable students to undertake periods of study at European and non-European universities. For more information, please contact theInternational Office.

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Where can I get more information?

Student Advisory Service

If you have any questions concerning the study program, the admission requirements and the study contents, please do not hesitate to contact the student advisory service at Osnabrück Biology

Biology Student Council

For further information on the degree program you can also contact the Biology student council at Osnabrück University. 

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Quality Management

This degree program is accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance (AQAS).