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China Exchange Programme (LWW)

[Translate to English:] Gruppenfoto Austausch mit China

The China Exchange Program “Lernen – Wissen-Wissenschaft“ (LWW) attracts BA majors in German Studies from five different Chinese universities who spend two semesters abroad at Osnabrück University. The program is organized and coordinated by the Language Center and offers its participants tailor-made courses in Cultural Studies, German Language and Literature, and German History, as well as the opportunity to attend selected classes from the University’s General Studies program. The LWW aims at supporting the participants’ German language acquisition process and further developing their intercultural competence and academic literacy, so that they will be able to actively participate in everyday and academic settings in German. The distinguishing features of the programme are:

  • Tailor-made materials and teaching approaches: The modules and materials have been specifically designed for the target group, and the teaching methodology is sensitive to the students’ learning styles.
  • Practice-based curriculum: The overall learning objective is to equip students with practical communicative competence, so that they can actively engage in academic as well as everyday life in Germany.
  • Subject-specific content: At the heart of the program are modules in German Language, German Linguistics and German Literature which match the curricular requirements of the students’ home institutions.
  • Intercultural orientation: Through project work and case studies participants will be introduced to different theories and concepts of culture and interculturality, all of which will enable them to further explore German culture and society independently.

项目中文介绍 (PDF, 332 kB)

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