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Foreign Languages for Academic Purposes

Each semester, the Language Center at osnabrück University offers courses in English, Spanish, and French that address study-related topics. You learn how to use the foreign language in academic and vocational situations. This includes:

•    popular and subject-specific texts as well as the reading and annotating of job-related genres
•    listening to and processing talks
•    preparing and delivering talks
•    actively participating in discussions and meetings
•    mastering subject-specific forms of written communication

Students interested in participating in a language course for academic purposes need to at least have a proficiency level of B1 according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Please check the course descriptions for more details.
Our classes are open to students from other German colleges and universities on the condition that there are places available. Course fees per course and semester are 20 EUR (for a course with 2 contact hours per week) or 40 EUR (for a course with 4 contact hours per week) for students of Osnabrück University, and 80 EUR (for a course with 2 contact hours per week) or 110 EUR (for a course with 4 contact hours per week) for all other participants.

The following table shows an overview of CEFR levels (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in relation to our courses and course titles:

Course titles and CEFR levels
Course title CEFR level
A1/A2 Basic User: beginner and elementary levels
B1/B2.1/B2.2 Independent User: intermediate and upper-intermediate levels
C1 Proficient User: advanced level

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