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Studierende in einer Kneipe im Gespräch

Independent Language Learning

Do you want to expand your foreign language knowledge by applying your skills in practice or in an informal setting? Are you interested in learning a new language on your own? Are you looking for a way to reinforce what you've learned in the classroom? Or would you like to feel more comfortable communicating in an academic context?

Language tandem service

Do you want to improve your competence in a foreign language? Then the language tandem service is the right choice for you: This program allows you to improve your competence in one or more target language(s) together with other students who are native speakers of these languages. The Language Center assists you in finding a tandem with the Language Tandem widget on Stud.IP. A guide to creating your profile and finding a tandem partner is here (PDF, 646 kB).

Intercultural exchange - AEGEE Osnabrück

AEGEE is a society run by students from Osnabrück University and the University of Applied Sciences here in Osnabrück. We are the local chapter of AEGEE Europe and organise various events for international and local students with the aim of fostering intercultural exchange and friendships beyond borders.  Whether you are a passionate hiker, a movie enthusiast or a foodie, you will always find an event that suits your interests as well as a community of like-minded peers. Our weekly meetings are held each Tuesday, at 6.30 pm in room 01/130.

Instagram: @aegeeosnabrueck
WhatsApp group:

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