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Guest auditor program for refugees


Download the registration form (PDF, 562 kB) for the guest auditor program here


If you wish to gain credit points, please enquire at the Central Student Advisory Service to find out which courses are suitable for you. The staff will also explain which steps to take next.

Would you like to find out whether your educational qualifications are sufficient? Please enquire at the Admissions Office.

Would you like to attend courses at Osnabrück University and start taking exams but do not yet meet all of the requirements for entering university? In this case, you may attend a special guest auditor program for refugees (PDF, 8.05 MB). Within this program, you may complete courses worth up to ten credit points (ECTS) and also take exams. (This is not the case with the university’s traditional courses for guest auditors, which you may also attend free of charge.) For any exams you pass, proof will be provided so that they can be credited to regular studies pursued at a later date. The program is free of charge. As a guest auditor, you are permitted to use the university library, log into the university wifi, and to dine at university cafeterias.
In addition to its special program for refugees, the university also offers its traditional guest auditor program where no credit points can be earned. You may also attend this program, even if you are not qualified for admission to higher education. Refugees will not be charged any fees for this programme either.

The accompanying program for refugees offers a guided tour of the library, a get-together and more.

What requirements must be met?

  • You must have applied for asylum. Your application need not yet have been approved.
  • You must at least meet the requirements for indirect access to higher education (access to a preparatory course). As a first step, the Admissions Office can check to see whether your educational qualifications entitle you to pursue university education in Germany or whether further documents are required. If you are unable to present any documentary evidence as a result of having fled your home country, you should present your résumé containing information about your previous education.

What does language level B1 mean?

Which language skills do you require?

  • For courses held in German: proof of B1 level knowledge of German
  • For courses held in English: proof of B1 level knowledge of English

Contact information for the guest auditor program

Support and Registration
Students' Office
Maren Grosse-Wördemann
Tel.: +49 541 969 7777

Which documents do you need to register?

Copies of:

  • Your passport and residence permit status (or BÜMA: certificate of registration as an asylum seeker)
  • Proof of your secondary school education (in German or English translation)
  • For courses held in German: proof of your knowledge of German (B1)
  • For courses held in English: proof of your knowledge of English (B1)
  • If available: university degree or summary of courses attended at university (in German or English translation)