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Looking for accommodation in Osnabrück

Accommodation office (Studentenwerk)

Studentenwerk Osnabrück

Ritterstraße 10
49074 Osnabrück
Tel. +49 541 331073-0

The first place to go to find student housing is the Accommodation Office, run by the Studentenwerk. Besides operating the dormitories, they can also help you find private housing. There are about 1700 dormitory rooms available. Types of housing available range from single rooms to shared housing and apartments for families.

If you wish to rent a room in the student dormitories, you should send your application for accommodation as early as possible.

Please note: Exchange students from partner universities apply for accommodation in the student dormitories through the International Office!

International students will find that they are well cared for in the dormitories: Residence tutors will help you to quickly become familiar with your new environment.

The costs for a single room in a student dorm are between 170 and 290 Euro per month. Before you move in, you must pay a deposit of 400 Euro for a room. This will be returned to you after you move out, if you have left your room in an orderly, neat condition.

Private accommodation

Private apartments and rooms are more expensive on average than in a dormitory.

Housing ads can be found in the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can also search for housing online.

The University’s online Schwarzes Brett publishes ads for housing searches or offers.

More accommodation offers

If you are looking for a quick, temporary solution, the Osnabrück roommate referral service (Mitwohnbüro) is a good place to go. They will quickly help you to find accommodation. However, please note that they charge a fee for their services. The fee varies, depending upon the length of your lease and the amount of your rent. 

Zweitraum Osnabrück
Am Pappelgraben 9
D-49080 Osnabrück
Tel. +49 541 22 4 66
Fax. +49 541 22 4 44

There are also private student residences, for example the Hermann-Ehlers-Haus. To obtain a room there, please apply to:

Prime Studentenwohnen
Hermann-Ehlers-Haus Osnabrück
Martinsburg 29
D-49078 Osnabrück
Tel. +49 1573 1096443


You can find furniture for your new apartment at Möwe. This community service project offers a large selection of second-hand furniture and household goods.