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Pooling our Resources to Save Energy

Find out about our energy saving tips and let 20 years of commitment to environmental protection inspire you to make your working life even more sustainable on a day-to-day basis.

Your individual contribution contributes to our overall collective success!

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For employees

Set heating systems to a moderate room temperature

  • Please heat rooms to a temperature of around 20 °C, i.e. set radiator thermostats to a max. level of 3
  • During extended absences (weekends, home office), please set radiator thermostats to level 2, but not less than 1
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For teachers


  • Please cancel your lecture in Stud.IP in good time if you intend to cancel one. If the scheduled time and date is  less than three weeks away, please also write an e-mail to room management!
  • Please close the windows when you leave a room and switch off lights/media technology
Employees work in laboratory

For laboratory users

Use extractor hoods sparingly

  • Please use laboratory extractor fans only when required!
  •    Please switch off air-conditioning cells / cold rooms / cooling units  between experiments and procedures

Tips of how to save energy: Our Top 9!

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Air a room properly

Open windows wide for short periods, set thermostats to *,  do not leave the windows tilted open!

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Turn off the lights

Whenever daylight allows it!

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Enable heat to circulate

Please do not place any furniture etc. directly in front of the radiators!

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Green IT

Adjusting the brightness setting on your screen saves electricity!More info

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Relax after work

Please remember to turn off all devices and lights when leaving the room!

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Relax during breaks

Press the shortcut "Windows +L" or activate the energy saving mode on your computer. It saves power and protects your data!

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Enjoy coffee and tea

Using thermos flasks saves electricity and protects the aroma!

Reduce storage space

Check regularly if files can be deleted!

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Use stairs

Who can: Use the stairs instead of the elevator. It keeps you fit and saves on electricity!

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There's more: Inspiration for your day-to-day office life

Greening the university has many other facets - let us inspire you! You can find a wide range of information on mobility, energy, construction and nature conservation on our webseite

Join in, get some advice, contact us

First contacts: If you have any good energy-saving ideas or questions about how your technical devices can save energy, feel free to get in touch. If you have any additional ideas for protecting the environment, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Further contacts: 

Dr. Wilfried Hötker
Vice President Finance and Human Resources
Tel.: +49 541 969-4710

Michaele Lerche-Lohaus
Head of Facility Management
Tel.: +49 541 969-2300

Jutta Essl
Environmental Coordinator
Tel.: +49 541 969-2242

Mike Voss
Climate Protection Manager
Tel.: +49 541 969-7120

Building Services & Repairs
Tel.: +49 541 969-2626